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We take pride in the work we do for families at Open Sky. Open Sky has served hundreds of young adults and adolescents and their families. We have included a variety of testimonials representing students and parents for you to learn more about how this has impacted their lives. Should you be interested in talking with a former student or parent of Open Sky, we would love to share with you several names that would be able to assist you in learning more about the experience from their unique personal perspective. Contact the Admissions Department, or 970-759-8324, for details.

Read a sampling of testimonials:young adults jumping for joy!
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Student Testimonials


“This has been the most eye opening experience for me and that I gained so much wisdom from the guides and here.”

-Adult Student, January 2015

“Being here at Open Sky I've learned so much about myself as well as others. All the time I've spent here has been incredibly helpful and really pushed me to be my best and know that I'm good enough.”

-Adolescent Student, November 2014

“At first I hated it and now I've gotten to appreciate and be so grateful for this program. It's helped so much.”

-Adolescent Student, November 2014


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Parent Testimonials


“We are very pleased with the condition we picked (our son) up in by every measurement….alive, healthy, clear-eyed, and sharp. And his communication skills are incredibly improved!”

-Parent of Adult Student, May 2015

“I valued how all the components fit so well together. From admission to graduation I felt supported and gently directed within the program. Upon being reunited with my daughter, I felt her time in the program had been utilized. She has so much to teach us!”

-Parent of Adolescent Student, June 2015

“Keep up the good work. I felt you were our daughter’s last chance at life - at loving herself. She would not be alive today had she not come to Open Sky.”

-Parent of Adolescent Student, March 2015

“Every staff member who I have been in contact with, whether on a short phone call or in session or in graduation, have been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional.”

-Parent of Adolescent Student, February 2015

“I value the authenticity I experienced with each individual I came in personal contact with at Open Sky. I appreciate your work and I would highly recommend this program to others.”

-Parent of Adolescent Student, January 2015

“Very impressed by the knowledge and commitment from all the guides and staff. Young people who have a true desire to help the troubled kids is very special in today's world.”

-Parent of Young Adult Student, January 2015

“Thank you for helping our son and family. We've been through multiple hospitalizations and programs in the past few years without any success. You are giving me hope for the future. You gave us a good start so that we can move forward in our healing process.”

-Parent of Adolescent Student, November 2014


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Wellness Weekend


“Wellness Weekend was life changing for me. Family Quest was an experience I will never forget. I felt very rested in both. Thank you.”

-Parent of Adolescent Student

“We come away overwhelmed with gratitude for your organization and for the warmth, compassion, and high-level training and competence of all of your complementary staff. Aaron, what a story you have, and a dream which you are in the process of living/fulfilling!” “Norman, Kendall, Tony – you are amazing people, and were lucky and grateful that you’ve touched our lives in this deeply meaningful way. You’ve helped us develop some needed skills, and shown us a way forward to thriving for our son Sean. Kylie / Jessica – Thank you for your special work with all of these kids. Breathing……. Onward….. with love.”

-Parent of Adult Student, January 2015

“Norman, I think you are an incredible human being and skilled and inspirational teacher. Your program and persona brings tremendous value to the experience and healing.”

-Parent of Young Adult Student, November 2014


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Family Quest Testimonials


“Oh my gosh, everyone was so easy to connect with and I felt very cared for.”

-Adolescent Student, January 2015

“The Family Quest was also helpful to my wife and I and our two boys that attended, we truly communicated better with one another and hopefully will all continue to work with the skills we were taught. My sincere thanks and appreciation to all at Open Sky - It was a wonderful experience.”

-Parent of Adolescent Student, November 2014

“Very impressed with the field guides, family services program and purposeful and thoughtful program elements.”

-Parent of Young Adult Student, November 2014


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