Why Open Skythe desert under the open sky

Open Sky provides the most sophisticated, comprehensive wilderness therapy treatment available. Our students depart as healthy, high-functioning, and vibrant individuals. Almost daily, former students and their families share personal testimonials attributing their new-found health and success to their experience at Open Sky. In addition to these accounts, our university-conducted research has scientifically proven that Open Sky works. 

Wilderness Therapy

There is no better place than in nature to heal, grow and learn. Combined with a community of peers, led by professional guides, therapists, and doctors, our students' immersion in the wilderness makes for an extraordinary setting in which to gain insight into one’s past, learn about oneself, and find hope and motivation for one’s future. Learn More

Holistic Vision

Holistic at Open Sky means treating the whole person by offering viable alternatives to conventional treatment, providing the latest, most innovative healing methodologies while simultaneously integrating the well-accepted practices of contemporary medicine. Each student is assigned a therapist, works with a naturopathic doctor, and has the option for assessment by a psychiatrist and/or a clinical psychologist. This is the most comprehensive treatment team available in the country. Learn More

Success Stories

Nothing is more confirming of the benefits of the Open Sky experience than the unsolicited comments from former parents and students. We provide a sampling of student and parent testimonials covering a wide array of Open Sky programs and team members. Learn More

Safety: Our Highest Priority

Wilderness therapy has been empirically proven to be safer than downhill skiing, football practice and recreational backpacking. The risks assumed in the wilderness are insignificant in comparison to the enormous risks our students are engaging in prior to Open Sky such as drinking and driving, sexual promiscuity, drug abuse, and suicide attempts. Open Sky maintains the highest standards of safety in all aspects of our operation and has 24-hour on-call personnel available every day for nearly any circumstance that might arise. Learn More

Research-Proven Results

Open Sky works! We are the only wilderness therapy program that conducts outcome research on each and every student. Utilizing the well-accepted Youth Outcome Questionnaire, our data shows that our clients make behavioral, interpersonal and mental health gains while at Open Sky and maintain those gains well after graduating. Our students arrive with a mental health score that is equivalent to those that are in psychiatric and residential treatment facilities and depart with a score equivalent to the general functioning population their age. Open Sky leads the industry as the only program measuring the outcome results of each and every one of our students. Learn More

Letter from the CEO

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Open Sky. We know that making a decision to send a son or daughter out of the home for help requires a tremendous leap of faith. This decision is a matter we will never take for granted. Open Sky is an employee-owned business and everyone on our team has a strong investment to the services we provide as though our own children were the participants. Knowing that your child is in our care and dependent upon us for growing and learning during this challenging time inspires each of us to provide you and your family with the highest quality treatment experience available. Learn More