Who We Are

Open Sky's team is comprised of the most experienced, dedicated, and well-trained professionals in the field of wilderness therapy. We are the only wilderness therapy program that has an entire department devoted to family services, health and wellness, and research. Our research director conducts outcome research to guide us in being the most effective program possible.


Leadership Team

To a great degree, the sensitivity, skillfulness and effectiveness of an organization is an expression of the people involved. The leadership at Open Sky offers a combination of vision and practical application. Committed to excellence and innovation, Open Sky's leadership has created a family therapy experience that transcends traditional wilderness therapy programs and gives families the tools they need for lasting success. Learn More

Clinical Team

Each of Open Sky's clinical therapists have masters or doctorate level degrees with significant educational and professional history specializing in the treatment of adolescents and families. Our current clinical team has a combined nearly 60 years of experience working in wilderness therapy. Open Sky therapists are trained in the most current and research-proven methods. Each Open Sky therapist attends professional conferences and trainings throughout the country to keep abreast of the latest developments in treatment methods. In addition, the clinical team regularly reviews Open Sky's latest research results and the most up to date publications to continually refine our therapeutic approach. Learn More

Wellness & Medical Team

Open Sky's wellness & medical team is dedicated to the care and safety of our students. A member of our medical team is on duty 24 hours a day and a board certified Family Medicine Doctor supervises our entire medical department. Learn More

Family Services Team

The family is the centerpiece of the Open Sky program experience. The Family Services Team is here to provide support for parents and to offer resources and meaningful experiences to help the family grow and heal. Research has proven repeatedly that a student's success is proportional to the involvement and growth of the student's family. With this in mind, Open Sky provides the most comprehensive family experience available in wilderness therapy. Learn More

Admissions & Outreach Team

The admissions team at Open Sky is comprised of caring and compassionate professionals with years of experience in mental health and wilderness treatment. We are available around the clock to assist families during this stressful and challenging time. We believe that our number one priority is not getting a family to enroll at Open Sky but to assist them in finding the right solutions for their son or daughter. Learn More

Operations Team

Open Sky's operations team is a resourceful group of people that serve as the foundation for all of the day-to-day activities. The operations team maintains and outfits all of the student gear and equipment and packs all of the food for each week's ration. In addition, the team manages the vehicle fleet, ensures that communications systems are operating, and maintains our base camp locations, and two administrative facilities. Learn More

Field Leadership Team

Field guides are a collection of exceptionally trained and mature yet young-at-heart people that serve as extraordinary role models for adolescents and young adults searching for a better way in life. Day in and day out, field guides will work with each student to follow through on specific assignments and interventions designed by the treatment team. Field guides are really the heart and soul of the Open Sky program, taking advantage of the host of teachable moments that present themselves each day. For example, if a student becomes frustrated at not easily succeeding at a given task, the guides are there to coach them through to a successful experience. Learn More