Family ExperienceFamily reunites

The family is the centerpiece of the Open Sky program experience. We believe that it is crucial for family members to fully participate in the program while their son or daughter is enrolled with us.  Also, we believe that the family must receive tremendous support and numerous opportunities to grow and learn just like their loved one is out in the field.

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Weekly Phone Calls with Your Open Sky Therapist

Each Open Sky student is assigned a clinical therapist who provides weekly individualized therapy and clinical guidance for the duration of the student's stay.  Our clinical therapists are here to support families while their son or daughter is enrolled with Open Sky.  Therapists conduct weekly phone calls with parents to discuss the student’s weekly progress, clinical treatment advances and to review the family's work in the Family Pathway workbook. Open Sky therapists will provide direction and support in preparing for the next step after a student's graduation. Each therapist is accessible via e-mail and voicemail between weekly phone conversations.

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Weekly Family Communicationstudent writing letters

Letter writing serves as the foundation for communication between the family and student while at Open Sky. Mail is hand-delivered each week to the student in the field.  Each family will have a parent webpage where the student’s photos and correspondence are posted each week for the family at home to read. This thoughtful form of communication provides for an opportunity for the family to create meaningful and intentional connections with one another. Under most circumstances, towards the latter part of the program, the student’s therapist facilitates a family therapy phone call with the student and parents.

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Weekly Parent Education & Support Group

families sharing their experience at parent weekendOpen Sky hosts a weekly Parent Education & Support Group teleconference call.  All parents of current students are invited and encouraged to participate in this group. Each call offers an opportunity for new parents to interact with those who have been with Open Sky for several weeks. The Parent Support Group focuses on a variety of psycho-educational topics such as drug and alcohol abuse, rules and boundaries, as well an introduction to holistic and mindfulness tools such as breathing exercises. This provides an added sense of safety and comfort when interacting with other parents experiencing a similar family crisis or intervention.

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Family Pathway

The Open Sky Family Pathway is a workbook that guides parents through the week-by-week process of treatment at Open Sky. This workbook corresponds with the student’s work at Open Sky and gives guidance to families in making changes and adjustments to support the student's progress.  Skills in communication, stress management and parenting are among the benefits gained from effort put into the workbook.  The Family Pathway is discussed weekly during the parent's phone call with the Open Sky therapist.

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Parent Wellness Weekend

Parents at our Wellness WeekendEach month we offer a weekend in Durango for parents and caregivers of students currently enrolled at Open Sky.  This is an opportunity to meet some of the Open Sky team that are working with your child, members of the leadership team and some of the founders and owners.  The parent wellness weekend is designed to focus attention on providing parents with skills and tools to manage their stresses and to heal from some of the difficulties of the past several months.  Parents are given an opportunity to re-focus their energy, rejuvenate themselves and to connect with families enduring similar challenges in a supportive atmosphere with the guidance of professional facilitators.  Parents are also given a sampling of the day to day experience of the student's time at Open Sky by participating in some of the activities that comprise the foundation of the program such as mediation, yoga, and being in nature.  Durango serves as a great backdrop to this profound parent weekend experience with its numerous amenities and inspiring natural beauty.  Learn More

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Student Graduation & Family Reunion

Family reuniting in the desertOnce students are ready to move to the next stage beyond Open Sky, they will be honored and supported in this transition with a graduation and reunion with their family at the Open Sky base camp.  During this two-day, one night stay, the family will be provided with a chance to reconnect within the supportive confines of Open Sky’s graduation team and therapists.  In process groups and through ceremony, the family will share safely and openly with one another, rekindle strong bonds, and enjoy being in nature together.  The greater Open Sky community of students and staff will lead a celebratory fire council to honor the student’s accomplishments and wish them well.  Learn More

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Family QuestFamily sitting around a campfire together


Family Quests are utilized to intimately address family dynamics that are contributing to a student’s current struggle.  Typical referrals for this powerful and life-changing opportunity include: parent-child relational issues, blended families, unresolved family grief, or strengthening the individuation process for young adults. Families come together in the wilderness for three days and two nights in a remote and relaxed environment, guided by a therapist, sharing and connecting with one another to re-establish healthy bonds.  Families participate in Open Sky’s daily routines like meditation, yoga, preparing organic meals, and hiking.  Each Family Quest is customized to the family’s needs and can easily accommodate several factors such as age, dates, and physical ability.  Learn More

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24/7 Support

For routine questions about things like billing or mail, Open Sky administrative staff are here to answer your calls during business hours (8:30am-5:30pm Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday).  Each therapist is accessible via e-mail and voicemail between weekly phone conversations. For after-hours emergencies and during holidays, Open Sky provides an emergency on-call number.

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