Open Sky Wilderness Therapy assists struggling teens, young adults and their families in discovering their true nature as honorable, capable, worthy people with lasting and healthy coping skills.  We do this by integrating the best of contemporary clinical modalities, naturopathic medicine, yoga, meditation, and wilderness therapy.

Open Sky offers programs specifically for teenage boys and girls ages 13 to 17 and men and women ages 18 to 28.  We also assist families of currently enrolled students in a variety of program offerings.


Open Sky is an appropriate fit for a wide range of teens, ages 13 to 17. There is no “typical” teenager in the Open Sky program because adolescents express themselves in such a variety of behaviors. However, there is often one common theme that runs through the lives of our teen students: difficulty coping with life’s challenges in a healthy and productive manner. Utilizing an individualized and strengths-based approach, Open Sky effectively addresses a wide diversity of issues teenagers are often dealing with, such as self-esteem, anger, defiance, anxiety, substance abuse and depression. According to our empirical research, on average, our teen students depart Open Sky with coping skills equivalent to those in the normal community range. Learn More

Young Adults

Open Sky works for a wide variety of young adults between the ages of 18 and 28.  In most instances, transitioning into adulthood brings liberating freedom and potentially frightening levels of responsibility.  Many of our young adults are motivated to make this full-fledged move into the maturity of adulthood and yet are hampered by self-doubt, lack of motivation, substance abuse, depression, addictions, or anxiety.  Others of our students have found themselves in early adulthood stuck with deeply embedded ineffective coping skills or personal challenges and traumas preventing them from becoming healthy and successful people.  On average, Open Sky young adult students leave with substantial gains in their emotional and mental health and demonstrate a readiness to recognize and change their own problem behaviors. Learn More


The family is the centerpiece of the Open Sky program experience. We believe that it is crucial for family members to fully participate in the program while their teen or young adult is enrolled with us.  Research studies suggest that a parent’s emotional health and well-being has substantial influence on that of their children.  Open Sky’s program provides multiple opportunities for the family’s involvement over the duration of the program. These include: weekly treatment planning sessions, weekly phone calls with the therapist, weekly written correspondence, weekly parent support group teleconference, written therapy assignments, bi-weekly educational webinars, the Parent Wellness Weekend, and the Family Reunion and Graduation as well as optional Family Quest outings.
Watch some of our sample webinars:

Mindfulness and Clinical Treatment by Norman Elizondo 

Boundaries, Manipulation, and Love: Effective Parenting by Jonathan Mitchell 

Does Wilderness Therapy Work? A Review of Research Dr. Joanna Bettmann Shaefer 

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We love our Alumni! We invite you to access resources through our constantly changing Alumni Portal, to join our community via Social Media, or to visit us. Learn More